Spinning the surf for salmon
Jarrod Day

When casting into the surf, always find the gutter and concentrate your efforts there. That’s where the fish will be holding.

Catching Australian salmon might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when they are predominantly caught in winter along the surf beaches of Victoria. Each year before the onset of winter, huge schools of salmon make their way into our bays and inlets before heading out to infiltrate the surf zones.

During this time, anglers begin to arm themselves with the necessary fishing gear to hit the surf. While most are content with casting baits out into the deep gutters, the younger generation have taken to lure fishing and are certainly reaping the rewards.

Spinning for salmon brings a sort of hunting quality to the technique. Spinning the surf allows you to cover a greater area of the surf beach, and while one angler might stand and fish the one gutter for the best part of the day, an angler spinning can fish a dozen or more gutters and locate where the fish are holding.


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